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Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice Stops the Swat—Naturally!

Jamie Slocum was on a mission to keep mosquitoes away in Zimmerman, Minnesota. But there was one caveat—the product needed to be all-safe for his family and pets. 

He discovered the sulfur in garlic naturally repels mosquitoes and ticks. Using other natural ingredients found at a health food store, Jamie developed Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice.

Our patented, chemical-free formula creates a natural barrier that repels biting insects.

It’s safe for:

  • Children
  • Pets
  • Bees and butterflies
  • Aquatic life

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How Our Formula Repels Mosquitoes

You can spray your lawn with harmful chemicals. Or you can treat it with an all-safe spray that works.

High concentrations of garlic juice are harmful to mosquitoes (but not to humans, pets or plants).

While you won’t be able to smell the garlic a few minutes after applying, mosquitoes can. That’s because they can detect odors up to 10,000 times better than humans.

The garlic chases away mosquitoes as long as they can detect it—typically up to three weeks after spraying. And the oil-based barrier suffocates larvae in standing water.

And you can leave them out there for as long as societal norms—and local laws—allow.