Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice - Natural Outdoor Mosquito Repellent

Natural Outdoor Mosquito Repellent

100% Chemical-Free, Outdoor Mosquito Repellent

Safe for Use Around Kids and Pets

Summers are short. Mosquitoes are annoying. We can help with one of those problems.

Stop the swat naturally with Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice. Why use chemicals that produce short-term results when you can use a safe alternative that helps repel biting pests for up to 21 days? The answer is, “Hold the chemicals, please.”

Our all-safe mosquito spray creates a barrier around your yard. This almost miracle, part-magical formula repels biting insects for up to three weeks.* It’s like a giant fence with a sign that reads, “Keep Out Mosquitoes,” but mosquitoes can’t read—another item on their long list of unappealing qualities.

Our exclusive formula is tough enough to eliminate bloodsucking pests, but gentle enough that it won’t harm kids, pets or pollinators. Did we mention this mosquito control has the same amount of chemicals and harmful pesticides as a ray of sunshine? ZERO.

Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice - A natural and effective solution for repelling pests without chemicals.

Skeptical? Not for long.

When you hear “natural” or “organic,” you might think it costs twice as much. And you’ll have to use three times as much because it doesn’t work as well. And that the other mosquito control products probably laugh behind its back.

That’s not the case with Mama Nature’s. Our affordable, garlic-based spray is a time-tested method for repelling pests without chemicals.

Don’t believe that garlic is strong enough to get rid of mosquitoes? Ask a vampire. It also includes cedar and corn oil, which naturally zap annoying insects (TBD on how cedar and corn oil affect vampires).

You may be wondering what else we can repel. In-laws? Tax season? Political ads? We’ll have to wait and see what the lab comes up with.

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Results? Glad you asked.

We've tried other products before, but this by far is the best mosquito product we've ever used.  We have grandchildren and pets and want our yard to be chemical free. We found your product last year and we couldn't believe how well it worked. We laughed at neighbors who didn't use it, they couldn't be outside after sunset, while we were making memories with the family! I highly recommend it to everyone.

Tracy from Atlanta

We have a home by a lake and want to be outside as much as we can. Your product has been a life saver and we're signing up for another yearly subscription! Last Fall we had a yoga class in the back yard of a friend, and she had a pond. We sprayed your product the night before and everyone was amazed that there wasn't 1 mosquito during our class! Everyone was even more impressed when they found out it was all natural and so effective. Great product, I highly recommend!

John from Wisconsin

We were VERY satisfied with the effectiveness of the product in keeping mosquitos away from our yard. Summers are short and we love spending time outside on our patio with family and friends. Everyone who comes over comments on the fact that we don't have mosquitos and when I tell them that it’s all natural, they all want to know how they can get it. We tell everyone we know about this great product.

Rick from Minnesota
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Eliminate Mosquitoes While Keeping Kids and Pets Safe

Have you ever been in a store and heard someone say, “I’m looking for a mosquito spray. My kids love being in the yard, and they’re pretty resilient, so the more chemicals, the better?” We haven’t either.

Not hearing anyone ever ask that got us thinking, is there a DEET-free way to provide protection against mosquitoes and ticks? There is!

  • Our primary ingredient is garlic, which naturally repels mosquitoes.
  • You won’t be able to smell the garlic after application. But the mosquitoes will, because they can detect odors up to 10,000 times better than humans.
  • The garlic smell will keep mosquitoes away for as long as they can smell it—often for up to three weeks.
  • The barrier also suffocates mosquito larvae in standing water. Not today, larvae!

Using pest control can be dangerous to humans, animals and pollinators. That’s not the case with Mama Nature’s.

  • There’s no waiting period, so your kids and pets can go outside immediately after you spray.
  • And you can leave them out there for as long as societal normal (and local laws) allow.

Your yard will be the envy of your entire block. And if it already is, then this is really going to widen the gap between you and whoever is coming in at number two.

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice is an all-safe, mosquito-stopping, almost miracle spray. Get yours today!

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*If there’s a long period of wet weather, you may need to reapply Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice sooner.