Mosquito Control FAQ

Applying Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice is easy, watch this video and see. Start by combining our 8-ounce concentrate with a sprayer filled with a gallon of water. Close, shake and apply on dry, trimmed grass using a sweeping motion. One bottle of concentrate is enough to cover most yards, and protection generally lasts up to three weeks.

It can be if you use the right product. Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice is all-safe and made from ingredients you can buy at a health food store. Our DEET-free mosquito spray includes garlic, cedar oil and corn oil. Our product’s ingredients are on the EPA’s 25(b) exempt list, which means minimum risk.

Yes! Our exclusive formula is highly effective. You’ll see an 80-85% reduction in mosquitoes after your first application. A second application within 21 days will repel 90–95% of mosquitoes.

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice is all-safe. That means it won’t poison people, animals or beneficial insects. This set us apart from traditional mosquito misting systems, which generally are on a timer for early morning, sundown and early evening. This type of application sprays a poison which kills bees, butterflies and other helpful insects. These systems can also blow poison onto your neighbor’s property on windy days.

An 8-ounce bottle of Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice is enough to cover 6,000—8,000 square feet. 

Use this simple approach to measure your yard. Measure its length and width, then multiply them together to get the square footage. For example, a yard that's 60 feet wide and 85 feet long would be 5,100 square feet. 

If your yard is triangular, measure the length of one side and the width. Multiply the length and width, then divide it by 2. 

No, as rain can dilute or wash out the spray. Don’t spray if rain is predicted for the next 24 to 48 hours. After spraying and having a 48-hour dry-spell window, the applied barrier spray will generally be fine through two or three moderate rain showers. The best way to determine when to spray again is to watch for mosquitoes. If you see them returning, it’s time to spray again.

No, not at all. Birds, bees and ladybugs are not bothered by the garlic spray.  Butterflies aren’t bothered by the garlic spray if you don’t spray it on them directly. Our formula also isn’t harmful to humans, pets or aquatic life.

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice is made from all-safe ingredients like garlic, cedar oil and corn oil. The oils kill mosquito larvae on standing water while the garlic helps repel them.

Yes!  There are no poisons, or harmful chemicals in our formulation. Just 99.3% garlic juice, with some food grade preservatives added.

We suggest spraying every three weeks, but it depends on your climate. In northern climates, we recommend starting in May, and continuing through the middle of September or until the first hard frost. This is approximately five to seven applications over the summer.

Mosquitoes hate garlic, because it can be toxic to them in increased concentrations. Garlic chases them away for as long as they can detect the odor. You won’t be able to smell Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice after a few minutes, but the mosquitoes will for several weeks. That’s because their sense of smell is as much as 10,000 times better than a human.

No. Many studies have been done on this subject. It has never been scientifically shown that eating garlic will repel mosquitoes. However, spraying garlic on foliage has proven to be highly effective.

Permethrin is a chemical insecticide. It can kill biting pests, like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, but doesn’t repel them.

It has a few warnings on its label:

•  Kills bees, fish and beneficial insects

•  Cannot be sprayed near streams, lakes or fish ponds

This chemical can also cause side effects, such as headaches or skin/eye irritations.

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice doesn’t harm beneficial insects or animals. It can also be applied near water.

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice will repel mosquitoes for up to three weeks. Our all-natural formula is affordable and safe for kids, pets and pollinators.

Yes, it does! Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice has two active ingredients: garlic to repel the mosquitos and cedar oil to help repel ticks. Cedar oil is a non-toxic, natural tick and insect repellent.